Be the Change

There are many many things that I would like to change about the world, my country, my state and my town. However, most of what I’d like to change is completely out of my hands. (I also don’t have the many millions of dollars that it would take to implement any of the changes that I’d like to see, either.) So, I’m stuck with how can I go about making any kind of difference.

After much thought, sadness and despair, I realized that I can’t make a huge difference in the world by myself. That was a terrible realization, and I’ve had to deal with the depression that brought on. However, I also realized that I can change myself, my corner of the world, and maybe bring some sunshine to others by bringing kindness to my part of the world.

So, what am I doing? I’m trying to be kind. If a clerk is rude, I try to respond by being nice; when I say “Have a good day.” I mean it. I want the best for other people. I compliment others on something that I find pleasing about them. Do they have nice hair? Is their shirt a pretty color? The other day I told a man in the parking lot that he looked fabulous. He did. He was wearing a beautiful pink oxford shirt with a nice blue tie; black pants and fancy shoes. By the surprised smile I got in return, I think I really added to the pleasure of his day. It didn’t cost me anything, and I felt good, too.  Did this make a huge difference in the world? Probably not, but it made a difference in his day; and mine, come to think of it. This is what the whole “pay it forward” thing is without the money.

Consider kindness in your day. How often are you kind? What can you do to lift others up? We can’t change the whole world, but maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference to the people we meet.


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