Moral Dilemmas and Life

I had a hard time deciding if I would even write this post. Of course, like most people I prefer to live in my nice little world where everything is happiness and sunshine. But, I can’t always do that, and I felt that I really had to say something regarding this. I have found this to be a moral dilemma for me, since I really haven’t used this space to rant about the way in which society treats its fellow animals.

I follow some people on Instagram, and some other bloggers who write about how animals are “farmed”, abused and exploited all over the world. For some reason, and probably just due to the shear amount of animals that will be tortured and killed at once, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival has gotten a lot of press. I’ve signed countless petitions against this barbaric “festival” over the years, after all it’s not like this is the only year it’s happened. But, for some reason, this year it’s the “thing” for normal, meat-eating people to get upset about.

While I’m really glad that there is a lot of press about it, and hopefully this will get people to put tons of pressure on China to stop it, (not just say they will) I find it fairly disingenuous of meat-eaters to protest. After all, with all the videos and pictures that abound regarding the torture of cows, pigs and chickens in this country, I don’t know how people can continue eating meat. However, I don’t intend to rant and if you want to do something against this please go to the following links and sign every petition that you can find. The animals thank you.


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