Let’s Think About It – School Dress Codes

Is Sharia law in the U.S. school system? Well, I suppose that depends on what you think sharia law is. The definition of sharia law from the Merriam Webster dictionary states that it is Islamic law based on the Koran. Now, as we all know, a lot of sharia law has to do with the behavior and dress of women. This is addressed because supposedly what women wear could have the effect of inflaming a man’s desire to the point that he simply would be unable to control himself. Therefore, a woman must be shamed into covering herself completely, since we all know, for a fact, that a woman’s behavior is always at fault for a man’s overwhelming inability to control his more “base” desires. How do we know this is true? Well here are a few cases where it has been “proven”. Here a three year old is held responsible for her own rape.
In another case, a judge told a 14 year old girl that she was partly responsible for her own rape. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/23/judge-rape-award_n_7131804.html
I could go on and on, but will stop at these two examples.

When a woman or child is raped, the first reaction from the police is often that the victim was somehow doing something wrong. I know this from personal experience. When I was in college I was raped, sodomized, beaten, choked and left for dead. The first response when the police were called in was that I deserved it, since I had been wearing over-sized sweat pants and an over-sized sweat shirt. Somehow that was “sexy” attire. I had “deserved” the abuse I was given.  My ribs were broken, there was excessive tearing internally, and I had hand prints on my neck for months.  My clothing had apparently “inflamed” the rapist, and it was my fault.

So, how does that mesh with school dress codes? Well, look at what those dress codes say: a girl is denied the ability to wear certain clothes basically because those articles of clothing “could” distract boys, and lead them to uncontrollable behavior.   Not only are the boys in danger of being “distracted”, but there is also the question of how male teachers could also find young girls bodies distracting.  Does anyone know the definition of pedophile? Now, I find this interesting. In a era when we are all told to take personal responsibility for our own problems, it seems that men don’t have to. It’s a girls fault if a boy is “distracted” by what she is wearing. The boy therefore has no responsibility for his own distraction. Hmmmm.

Our young women are being taught that their bodies are dangerous, and if they are harassed it is their fault for “showing” them off. Boys are not expected to control any of their urges, and often if a girl is harassed, nothing is done.
While we are telling women that they are extremely powerful since they have the ability to inflame men and boys; we are also telling them that they have no rights. If they are harassed, it is simply “boys being boys” and that their actions caused the harassment anyhow.Girls and woman are beginning to stand up against these practices.

Here is information regarding dress code “violations” and some accompanying pictures.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/school-dress-code-violations/


This is a great step forward; however these dress codes are very troubling. We live in a culture that shows extreme hatred for the Islamic Sharia law while at the same time passing dress codes that embody them. Apparently sharia law is fine as long as it defines what a girl can and can’t wear.

What are your thoughts on dress codes?


2 thoughts on “Let’s Think About It – School Dress Codes

  1. betternotbroken

    You can’t get this message out enough! It is amazing. Why are we so reluctant to teach men they are to blame when they attack someone violently? It is a lie to teach women they are powerful because of what they wear! It is not empowerment, it is an illusion. Women were raped in the Middle Ages when pretty much everything was covered up. So many young women pour themselves into fashion magazines instead of business ledgers or science books thinking that they too will rise in power due to what they wear! It is a con that men have played on women for years and I so wish we as females would stop buying into it.

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