One of the best things that Yoga is teaching me is the ability to meditate.  I’m not saying that it’s easy, or that I can do it for any length of time; however if I manage it for a few minutes the returns on those minutes are wonderful.  I’ve been feeling a peace within myself lately that I haven’t felt in years.  Usually I am an anxious person who worries about anything and everything.  But, I actually find myself much less anxious lately.

I haven’t “found” enlightenment, and probably never will.  And that’s not a problem.  I truly don’t feel the need to make other people do things in exactly the way I would do them.  I think I’ve been a lot less anal about life.  There is a peace I really never thought that I would possess.  I almost feel like the self I was as a child.  That’s why I practice Yoga every day now.  I don’t want to lose this feeling again.


2 thoughts on “Meditations

  1. joeythebuddhist

    Good quotes!

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