Spring Cleaning

I’ve been spring cleaning my house. This is something that every year I intend to start at the end of March, but end up beginning at the end of May. I absolutely hate to do this, so I try really hard to put it off until the weather is way too hot and humid to even think about cleaning. However, this year I’ve almost got it all done.

I only have the basement left, and I’ll probably tackle that this weekend. Sounds like a good weekend project, right? The real reason I’ve decided to absolutely finish this cleaning project from hell is that for Mother’s Day my children got me the Elder Scrolls on X Box One. Now, I’ve had to wait with tons of anticipation until June 9th for it to be released. Believe me when I say that my daughter and I will be standing outside Game Stop when it opens on the 9th. I can’t wait! Skyrim is my absolute favorite video game (this from a woman who plays Destiny every chance she gets).

So, if after June 9th I’m nowhere to be found, rest assured, I’m simply glued to my living room couch playing Elder Scrolls non-stop. I’ll come up for air at some point…no really, I promise!


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