Consistency is Key

The most important thing that I’ve learned on my journey toward health is that I must be consistent. Whether I’m eating a healthy diet or working out, I’ve found that the only way to keep my motivation going is to do something every day. In the past I’ve found that if I didn’t get up and work-out, I ended up with a motivation problem and sometimes stopped trying altogether. Not a good thing.

Now, if I occasionally decide I’ll sleep in (or shut my alarm off and go back to sleep), I just plan on going for a walk later in the day. I’m calling that my Plan B. Ever since I started calling this whole “Plan A” thing Training for the Rest of my Life, I’ve had a complete change in perspective. For example; on Tuesday I took my husband to the airport so he could go back to work in Michigan. I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and was back at my house by 5:30 a.m. I was in no mood to work-out, so I just jumped in the shower and started my day. Instead of feeling badly about not exercising, I went for a walk later in the day. No problem, no telling myself I was a failure because I didn’t do my usual Tuesday morning two-plus mile walk – see how I put that little shoulder pat in there? Somehow I’ve changed my “all or nothing” attitude that had never worked before, and probably would never have worked.  Any plan should be sustainable.  How is an all or nothing attitude sustainable?  The stress involved alone will defeat you.

This is an idea that has so far worked for me. What do you do that works for keeping your motivation going?


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