Helen Mirren Made me Change my Life

Dreams are great. I usually don’t remember what exactly it was that I dreamed; instead I wake up with a vague notion of a crazy mixed-up madness. However about two months ago I woke up with a fire in my belly and a desire to do just about anything to change my life. What happened, you ask? Well, that question can be answered with one person’s name…Helen Mirren.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what Helen Mirren has to do with my dreaming…well, here it is; I dreamed that I was at some kind of high-society, black-tie party. Of course I wasn’t dressed appropriately AT ALL in my usual black trousers and green top that I’ve worn to every Christmas party for the last five years. I was standing around awkwardly, by myself on my little island for those not dressed “properly” (not a new sensation), when Helen Mirren came up to me looking gorgeous, of course. She handed me a glass of champagne, looked at me with incredible pity in her eyes, leaned over, solicitously holding my arm, and stated the fateful sentence in that fabulously posh English accent of hers: “Oh, my dear, you have let yourself go.” Then she turned around and walked off. I assumed that she didn’t want to be seen talking with me, since I’d let myself go.

My alarm woke me up right after this, thank goodness, since I’m sure I would have forgotten the dream. Or would I? Since when has Helen Mirren made an appearance in any of my dreams? And, how could I have forgotten that?

So, how has the Helen Mirren of my dream changed my life? Simple, no more excuses. I get up and work out regardless of what time I go to sleep the night before. I’m not mindlessly shoving chips in my mouth like I used to. Geez Louise, when Helen Mirren tells you that you’ve let yourself go, you listen!  And not only that, you do something about it!


5 thoughts on “Helen Mirren Made me Change my Life

  1. This is such an excellent post.

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