Quotes to Think About

I love this quote. What we do matters most. I can say anything, but my actions are what count. Basically what I did yesterday is yesterday. Today is today. Now is what counts.   Every day we get a new beginning.  How awesome is that?

No one can tell us the answers.  They are different for each of us.  We must find the answers for ourselves.  So, even though it can be hard, we must do the work.  Unfortunately there are no short-cuts; no easy answers.  Only hard work.

Every time I say to someone that they are not their body, I get strange looks.  Your body is a container for your soul.  When you die, the container dies, but the soul flies free.  Your soul will go on.  That is who you are.

This is one of my affirmations that I use the most.  Many people grew up being told in various ways that they left much to be desired.  So did I.  I was “wrong” in so many ways – none of which made sense.  (Sorry I wasn’t born a boy – stuff happens).  Say this to yourself.  Believe It.  Love yourself.


2 thoughts on “Quotes to Think About

  1. The quote about having a body, and being a soul is not a quote by Buddha, although the theology/spiritually matches well. It should be attributed to Rev. Thornton, who first used the phrase in 1881.

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