I Have a Personal Yoga Practice?

About a month ago I discovered that I could no longer get on YouTube via my new TV. Don’t ask me why, it’s beyond my electronic capabilities. (My daughter looked it over, and even she couldn’t figure it out). So, maybe it’s not me – it’s the TV. Somehow I doubt that, but maybe we need an electronic wizard. So, once again I was thrust into the abyss. How to do my 1990’s era yoga workout?

Luckily I had previously prepared for the time when my VHS tape stopped working and I wrote down the poses. But then I found the workout on YouTube and thought my problems were all solved. Then, we needed a new DVD player, got it home and discovered it didn’t work with our elderly TV; bought the new TV and my problems resumed.

So, what to do?? I’ve never taken a Yoga class (and don’t see that happening). Nothing against Yoga instructors, I just don’t have the money right now (and probably never will) – unless I find out that I’m really descended from royalty and they need me to be Queen.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been practicing Yoga from my notes. And, something strange has been happening. I’ve been concentrating on my holding the poses, counting breaths, and relaxing into the pose. Guess what? I can feel my frantic inner self calm down. My muscles are more relaxed than ever before. I am slowly holding the poses longer than ever. I feel more peaceful within myself.  This must come from focusing all my attention only on what I’m actually doing.  This is something I never would have done if I were still listening to my Yoga tape.

But the most wonderful part of all is pretty personal. I am beginning to feel more confident; because at the end of my yoga practice (can I call it that?), I sit in lotus and I think about affirmations and the most wonderful phrase of all – “I am worth it”. I am worth the time and effort I’ve been putting in; getting up early, lifting weights, going for walks, practicing yoga and eating healthy food. I am worth it.


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