Weekend Accomplishments


Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. My day was just a little different than most. I started the day out as usual by walking my dog, eating breakfast, washing the dishes and bathroom. Then, I went outside to stack this huge pile of wood.


If we want to be warm this winter, then the wood has to be done. And, thanks to my son and daughter, we can now say we’ve finished! I think that’s the fastest we’ve ever finished. There have been years that it will be the dog-days of August, and we’re still splitting and stacking wood. Not this year! Thanks to a huge truck-load of logs last year, we only needed to take down one big tree this year. Just to let you know, the only trees we cut down are the ones that are either dangerously leaning over, or are rotten. The huge one we took down this year was both. It also gave us a ton of wood.


The whole getting it finished thing, got me to thinking about how much I procrastinate. It’s so easy to put off to tomorrow that which you don’t want to do today. Witness this post. I could have done it after coming home yesterday from my fabulous Mother’s Day dinner – but did I? No, I did not. I decided that I would get it done in the morning. However, now it’s after noon, and I’m only now writing it.


Every Spring I claim I’ll get my spring cleaning done in April, and every year I end up doing it in May. And, since I live in New England, Spring actually lasts only about 15 minutes and then it’s right back to heat and humidity. So, I once again missed my window of opportunity and am now cleaning windows with the bees buzzing around my head, and the hot sun pouring in. Oh well…maybe one of these days I’ll learn.


But hey! We got the wood done!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Accomplishments

  1. Earth Whisperer Conservation

    You’ve been busy. Great post!

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