Coffee and Me

I’ve been having an odd kind of week. I decided quite awhile ago that I should really do something about my coffee habit. I have to say that I love coffee. The smell, the look of it when I’ve got just the right amount of Almond Milk mixed in and the first taste of it in the morning. Yes, it’s just an all around love fest with me and my coffee.

However, coffee really isn’t on my ethical list…reasoning you ask? Well, I will send you to just one article regarding the slave labor, environmental issues among others that make the partaking of coffee questionable.

So, there you go. And there I go. I knew about these issues, but I didn’t really do anything about them. I just continued to drink my wonderful coffee. But the facts sat there in the back of my mind bothering me. And then there was the issue of the headaches and grouchiness I so sweetly displayed when I hadn’t had my coffee yet. I didn’t like that. Then of course, coffee makes anxiety worse; that doesn’t help when you are already quite anxious and suffer from asthma as a result. While caffeine does have health benefits, I knew I had to stop.

Eventually the ethical issues were just too much. So, as I said, I’ve been having a really strange week. Usually I’m bouncing off the walls, full of energy in the morning (anyone say Jack Russell?). That’s when I try to get all my “stuff” done, since there is a definite slump once 1:30 pm rolls around. I learned a long time ago I can’t drink coffee after 10 am and sleep that night. See, it really affects me. So, I looked up the effects of caffeine withdrawal and a checked to see how addicted I actually was.

The good news? My two cups every morning put in the low addicted spot; however, I have been suffering some symptoms of withdrawal. I’ve had a headache pretty much ever since I decided to fore-go my coffee; I’ve been much less hyper (I don’t consider that a good thing, since I got so much done and now I don’t); and I’ve had to lay down during the afternoon almost every day this week. Insane, I know!

Instead of coffee in the morning I’ve been having infused water. This is simply a mason jar of water that I’ve put some lemon and lime slices in. I’ve been heating it up and adding a tiny bit of Agave to it. That seems to help, but where oh where did my old hyper self go?? I miss her. She was so annoyingly fun! I hope that she reappears in the next few weeks as my withdrawal symptoms go away. I hope that my energizer bunny persona wasn’t completely powered by coffee.


2 thoughts on “Coffee and Me

  1. Every food production has an effect on the environment. All orgnasims have an effect on the environment. Even if you’d kill yourself, your body will affect the environment. Termites build towers, etc. etc.

    I have a problem with how one food production is singled out. I remember reading a lot about how farming is very harmful to insects. If you’re an insect, farmers are your worse enemy. Yet vegatables are being sold to us as some sort of moral high ground food. Maybe because insects are not that cute? They’re adorable to me.

    It’s not to say that the issues you’ve discussed are not important. It’s that they’re universal.

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