Has My Brain Stopped or am I Just Lazy?

My son asked me to change the data usage on his cell phone. He needed more and didn’t want to be bothered with doing it himself. Of course he had been on the web-site and figured out how much the additional usage would cost him, but was not inclined to change it himself at the time. I’m lazy?

So, it took my daughter helping me and about 20 minutes to accomplish this ridiculous task. Why did it take me at least 15 minutes too long? Well, I couldn’t seem to stop and actually read the instructions. Oh no, I just skimmed right over every instruction on the page. It was as if I had lost the ability to read and comprehend.

I had to call him and ask him the answer to his “security question”. Because it’s a secret and I don’t know what the answer is! He then proceeded to become upset with me, since I wasn’t actually reading what my instructions were. To tell the truth I was too busy thinking “If you were on this yesterday, why am I doing this today?”

The entire project left me wondering whether or not I’ve gone brain-dead or I’m just too lazy. Until I remembered – oh yeah he was on the web-site yesterday; and he could have just changed the data usage himself. I’m not brain-dead or lazy, just annoyed.


One thought on “Has My Brain Stopped or am I Just Lazy?

  1. Excellent 😀 I like the cats, they make me laugh 🙂

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