Anger and its Effects on Your Health

I wanted to write about anger and how it can affect your health in negative ways. For one thing, stress can make us respond with anger to the most innocuous event. This is something that seems to be happening with ever increasing frequency in our lives.


Anger does all kinds of things to our bodies including raising our blood-pressure and heart rate (never a good thing if you’ve already got heart problems) and raises our blood sugar (this can have a negative effect, especially if you have blood-sugar problems). Anger can also interfere with our thought process, and can lead to us do and say things that are definitely not in our best interests.

While these can be simply short-term health issues, there are some of us who seem to be simmering along on a slow heat, ready to boil over into a rage-fueled anger lunatic. This type of anger can be the cause of many long-term health problems including high blood pressure, colds and flu, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and gastro-intestinal problems.

As usual with this type of problem, there are a lot of things that we can do ourselves to help us cope with anger. We can “take ten”; step back and take a moment – sometimes that’s all we need. I try to ask myself if this issue really warrants my angry reaction. Usually the answer is no; and I’ve avoided looking like an idiot. Walking away may be an answer, also. If you can’t do either, I suggest asking yourself if this will matter in a month. A lot of anger issues can be solved by thinking about that. Most of the irritating things that make us angry really aren’t all that important; they are just events that are inconvenient at the time.


There are also lifestyle changes that can be made to help with the anger issue. Tell people when you are angry in a calm manner; if you feel that you’re being used let them know it. Don’t keep bottling it up inside, but when you do so; be respectful of their feelings, also. Have a dialog and not a screaming match. Exercise is also a good way to work through anger issues. (I love to chop wood in the winter – it’s a great way to dispel anger). Yoga and meditation can be helpful, too.


Finally, there is another way to channel anger into motivation and accomplishments also. Don’t forget that anger can be a great impetus towards reaching your goals.


3 thoughts on “Anger and its Effects on Your Health

  1. Thank you for this marvelous post which helps to illustrate the dangers of ‘anger’.

  2. betternotbroken

    Good advice. I am always concerned when I read posts extolling the virtue of anger or when I read that people’s anger has helped them. It is indeed a poison, thank you for the reminder.

    • I know. The only thing that anger can be good for is if you direct it toward a goal – like being angry with yourself for eating junk food, so you change your behavior; and make a goal to eat more healthy. 🙂

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