My Weekend

Last week I commented that my weekends sucked. I wanted to let you know that this past weekend was much better. For one thing, the sun was actually out, and I got some things done outside.

We had taken a tree down in the side yard since it was dying. It lay there in my yard for a while since we were in the midst of some foul rainy weather. On Saturday we were able to finish clearing it up, and now only the branch-less trunk remains to be dealt with. My son will finish that up, since me and a chain saw doesn’t even belong together in a sentence.

I also went to the mall on Saturday. I was on a mission to find curtains, since my windows in the dining room have been curtain-less for quite a while. I admit that I’m a pain-in-the a** when it comes to things like this. I’ve made curtains, but really didn’t want to be bothered with doing so again. Well, that mission turned out to be a bust, since every single curtain was too expensive and they weren’t very well-made at all. So, it looks like I’ll be making curtains again. I’ll let you know how that goes, since my sewing machine basically hates me. Seriously. It. Hates. Me. There was a stop at Barnes and Noble bookstore where I broke down and bought a book – Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen. I follow her on Instagram and find her to be so inspiring! Saturday night was the usual non-exciting variety, but I did play Destiny (my favorite game for the moment); and I did some reading. Yippee for me! Sunday dawned another beautiful day. We went for a walk, and then I organized all my quilting stuff. This was another of the organizing items on my list – another one gets to be crossed off the to-do list – that always feels great. I also wrote out my goals and steps for the week; did menu planning and my shopping list. It was wonderful.

Last night included watching the second Lord of the Rings movie. We’ve been watching them all, from the three Hobbit movies to all the Lord of the Rings. I began reading these to the kids once my oldest hit the ripe old age of 6. Yes, I know, it was probably too early, but I could only read the “age appropriate” books for so long…I was getting bored, alright? So, my weekend was much better than they have been, how was yours?


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