The Joys (?) of Spring

To me, Easter is all about nature. Usually by this time of year the snow is gone, the mud is almost dried up and the daffodils are starting to open. Not this year. The snow is still hanging around and the daffodils are under at least three or more inches of snow. And, mud season is something we have to look forward to (lucky us!).

On my walks I keep finding all kinds of garbage that people have been throwing out of their cars. You would think that after all the years of Earth Day, and teaching recycling in schools this wouldn’t keep happening. Just what is up with this? I don’t understand it. Do people really think that all their garbage is just going to magically disappear? I wonder if they think that Mother Nature comes out at night and collects their wrappers, fast-food bags, plastic and glass. That would be cool, but it will never happen. Mother Nature is probably busy deciding exactly how her retribution will go. We can already see that retribution all around us. I’m glad that I don’t live really close to the coast-line.


So, this week while you’re celebrating Easter or Passover or what-ever other religious ritual it is that you may or may not celebrate, spare a thought for our planet. You know, the place that we call home (and the only place we have). Pick up some trash, make sure that you’re recycling all the things that you can, and make sure that your choices are more conscious ones. We all have a huge impact on the earth simply by living our lives the way that we do. See if you can minimize that impact. Your grandchildren will thank you.


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