Are your weekends a wonderful time to try new things and go new places? Do they invigorate you for the rest of the week? I realized yesterday, as I was hurriedly chopped veggies for my soup that most of what I’d done this weekend was run around and cook.

This wasn’t what I’d had in mind for my weekend, but that’s what ended up happening. On most weekends I make a pie for the family, but this weekend I made brownies (so my husband would be able to take some with him). My husband is beginning a new “thing” at work that will entail him being gone to a job-site for two weeks; then he will be flying home on a Thursday and returning on a Sunday for two more weeks. This should last for about two months. We’ll see if that actually happens, since flying can get very expensive. But, that’s the plan.

I’m not that worried about him being away, since in the 1990’s when the kids were extremely little, he worked in Russia for months at a time, working on special projects. But, lately when he works away, he usually is within fairly easy driving distance and this time he’ll be about 12 hours away. Not a real problem, but still, it’s been a while since he was gone like this. So my weekend was spent running errands, cooking and baking.

However, I’ve realized that since the snow started with a vengeance in January, I haven’t really done anything exciting or different on the weekend. How about you? What do you do over the weekend, and do you have any cheap ideas for me? I’d love to hear them.


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