Bing, Bang, BOOM! – It Doesn’t Work Like That

I’ve been having a slight belief issue lately. See, I’ve been Vegan since last April, and been working out fairly consistently for a while now…And, I really haven’t seen much of a transformation. Now, I know all the facts: muscle weighs more than fat; it takes time and consistency to lose fat; and most importantly, stress and not enough sleep are factors in weight loss.

If I look at all the healthy benefits I’ve gained simply by becoming Vegan, I have to admit that I have improved. My digestion is awesome, my elimination is fantastic, and my bouts of sinus problems are almost gone. Look at the great benefits I’ve gotten! I enjoy eating a plant-based diet, and I’ve found fabulous new foods to try. Very good! I’m extremely pleased.

However, my pant size hasn’t changed, and I’m dreaming of little summer dresses, and facing another horribly hot and humid summer in my capris again. Yes, there have been changes…I can feel pretty good muscle-tone on my legs (including upper thighs), but still I cry – look, I’m in my same size jeans! What is going on! There is definition on my arms, and I’m actually starting to get some guns on my upper arms. But, don’t they say you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days???

Oh Dear! Am I being suckered by even looking at those “promises”? Of course! It took time to get out of shape; it will take time to get back into shape. Plus, there is a list of things I’m doing wrong, and I know it: potato chips (need I say more?); Oreo cookies (and, you can never eat just one); sleeping in on some mornings and not working out; living with daily, long-term chronic stress (and not meditating); and last but not least not getting enough sleep.

See, all I had to do was to be truthful to myself, and I’d find out what the real issue was. It’s all in the above paragraph. That’s why I’m not losing weight. Why oh why does it have to take so long? When I tried to get pregnant 26 years ago, my doctor at first questioned if I was even having menstruation – the six-pack abs threw him off. He actually thought I was an athlete. Ha! While I never had the six-pack again, I know that had been attainable (granted, 26 years ago). Where oh where did I go? I know, I became a mother, and somehow I lost myself. I’m still looking for me, sometimes I can see myself waving from the mirror – there are glimpses now and then.

How come a lifestyle change doesn’t work Bing, Bang BOOM! Why the h*ll not? I know, because only something that takes work is worth-while (I’d like to meet the person who decided that little factoid). Well, I guess I’ll just keep on plodding on, after I eliminate the chips, Oreo’s, sleeping late and stress (ha ha) from my life. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I’m still dreaming of those little summer dresses.


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