Empathy can be the most important virtue a person can have. Someone with empathy can gain an understanding of people like no other. Reading about an issue, or looking at photos of suffering, etc. will do no good unless you have empathy for others.

I have noticed a total lack of empathy among some of our “leaders” here in the U.S.  Not only is there a lack of empathy, but there is also a denial of circumstances that can cause most of our social issues in our society.

Not everyone (in fact, less and less people) have an “easy” life.  The costs of living are rising, but the pay that people make is falling.  If it were not for the average worker, there would be no production happening.  We are all important, and we all deserve to have lives that we can afford.  Many people have to choose between food and shelter on a monthly basis.  It’s hard to “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” if you can’t afford both shelter and food.

The despair that is created by living in such a manner, in turn creates vast problems that will only get worse.  We can’t blame all the problems on those who are living hand-to-mouth.  These issues weren’t created in a vacuum and will not be solved in a vacuum.


Look into the eyes of those who are suffering, and ask yourself what caused this?  Then find out why it is happening.  Once you do that, take steps to help others.  Work at a Food Kitchen, if you’ve got money yourself, buy food for a family that can’t make ends meet.  But help!  One act of kindness can begin to change the world.


One thought on “Empathy

  1. Earth Whisperer Conservation

    … So true. All of us need to be reminded, now and then.

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