Ignorance is Bliss?

Since I wrote about curiosity, I wanted to continue on with ignorance. Some people claim that ignorance is bliss. But my question is this: for whom is it bliss? Probably the people who would prefer others to be in ignorance of what they are doing. It certainly isn’t bliss for the person/people who is/are being lied to either through deliberate lies or the lie of omission. The other thing is that eventually the truth does come out. It may take awhile, but truth does seem to reveal itself in one manner or another.

When you either read something or hear something that is designed to “inform” you of certain facts or opinions, please take the time to research the information.  Don’t just repeat what you’ve heard as the gospel truth.  Check out the facts from reputable sources.  Think of how gossip can ruin lives.  Don’t continue to spread “truths” unless you have the facts.  Actually, gossip is not a “nice” thing to do, but I must admit we all are probably guilty of doing it.  Lies can be devastating and have long-term societal effects.

Taking the time to independently inform yourself can have good consequences.  You can realize that even though you thought something sounded wrong, you now know you were right.  This can lead you to rely on your gut instincts more often.

As I follow through on what I read and hear with a little detective work, there have been times that I’ve been disappointed after finding out that yes, the article I read was full of misleading comments.  However, I’d take the ability to find the truth over never knowing it.  They say knowledge is power for a reason.  Oftentimes knowledge is anything but bliss, but please find out the facts, even if on some level you know you really don’t want to know them.  Empower yourself so you don’t allow others to have power over you.


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