Fortune Cookie Philosophy

On Friday nights my family usually gets pizza and I eat a salad, but last Friday we decided to get Chinese. I don’t know about you, but I could eat Chinese food every night of the week. I do make it at home, but of course my home cooking just cannot compete with the local restaurant. Everything there is freshly made and they use the best vegetables.

One of the most fun things about Chinese take-out is, of course, the fortune cookie. Sometimes the sayings are just silly, but other times they are right on target. Last Friday night mine said “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” I thought that was such an appropriate quote. For a while now, I’ve felt a little down, mostly due to the cold, snowy weather. But now that we’ve sprung ahead an hour, I’ve been feeling much better. I love getting up before dawn and being able to see the sun rise. I don’t know why I didn’t get up earlier for much of the tail-end of winter, but being able to see the sun rise really just makes me happy. I like the pinks and blues fading into yellow as the sun rises – it makes me feel as if everything is possible.

Often in our lives, we feel held down or held back from obtaining our heart’s desire. We can feel like there is no way we can soar and instead we creep. But that simply defeats us and makes us feel worse. It can become a Catch 22 situation, and we know how self-defeating those can be. I find that for me, life can improve just by finding natural beauty on a regular basis. Other positive things I do are yoga and exercise. A daily walk can also be fabulous, and often I can find some wonderful natural thing to improve my mood.

Learning how to soar again instead of creep is a process. Hopefully it’s a process we are all taking part in. I’d hate to be the person who is okay with a life where you’ve lost your heart’s desire. There were times in my past when I was that person, but I find myself trying to soar. If I fall out the sky sometimes, at least I’ve tried. So, come and soar with me. Imagine what we’ll find up there in the sky!


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