Just Go Ahead and Do It!

How many of us want to wait until just the “right” time before we do something that we want to do? I’m guilty of thinking like that. I’ll write when I’ve got the table completely cleared off. Oh, I’ve got to find the “right” pen or pencil to write with. I’ve got to wait until the house is completely empty and quiet before I can start this or that project.

But, when you look at it, that kind of thinking is just an excuse to not do what you said you want to do. To tell you the truth, if I really waited until the timing, the place and the pen were exactly “right”, you’d never be reading anything I wrote, since I wouldn’t have ever written it.

So, instead of having things “perfect”, just do whatever it is that you want to do. Go ahead, I dare you!


5 thoughts on “Just Go Ahead and Do It!

  1. Go go go! Im exactly the same…at the moment its getting off my bum and eating right. Waiting to feel like doing it haha

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