Why I Practice Yoga

I really really love Yoga. I’m not “good” at it, and I’ve never even taken a class. I just follow YouTube videos and some DVDs. I’m never going to be a Yogi and I’ll probably never be able to afford a “retreat”, but I really love Yoga.  That’s why I practice it.


The best thing, for me, about doing Yoga is that I’m in my own little world where only the sound of the teachers’ voice and my own breath are what I pay attention to. I’m not paying attention to all the problems that usually clutter my mind. My only concern is whether I’m breathing properly and maybe why the dog decided to lay under me while I was doing downward facing dog – maybe because that position has the word dog in it?

As someone who is perpetually tense, yoga is the one time during my day when I actively try to relax – is that an oxymoron? I don’t try to do the poses perfectly, because most of the time I’m too stiff to stretch as far as the teacher. However, each time I do a pose, I can stretch into it further. But that’s not what my focus is on. As a person who has been competing with myself over any number of things, the one thing I try to do while practicing yoga is to breathe properly, and relax into the stretch. That’s it, and it seems to be working.


All that being said, I find yoga to be the only thing I do on an almost daily basis for me. I’m not doing it so I “look” better for my husband. This is something that’s only for me, since I find that it helps with my focus, my breathing, and settling my mind. I’m a better me after my yoga. And that’s a good thing, since I can be extremely intense.


2 thoughts on “Why I Practice Yoga

  1. I agree entirely, not only that but in getting on in years it helps keep me free of aches and pains.

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