I don’t know if you are at all like me, but often my first reaction to something unexpected can be negative. As an example, when my husband brought home our Border Collie (as an unexpected surprise), my initial reaction was this: Oh no! at some point he’ll get old and die, and I won’t be able to live with even more pieces broken out of my heart flopping around in my chest. Talk about a negative reaction! Of course, anyone who has ever had a pet knows exactly what I’m talking about. But our dog is wonderful, and has been the source of countless episodes of hysterical laughter and lots of love. I wouldn’t want to be without him, he’s added so much to our family.

Being positive doesn’t come naturally to me. As the child who wasn’t exactly what my family was expecting, I’ve always had the feeling that whatever I do is the wrong thing. I’ve always been a little “off”. The clumsy one – I have a permanent lump on the end of my spine from falling down the stairs so many times; the one who had a hard time in school (until high school when my many learning disabilities were diagnosed – who knew a dyslexic could teach themselves to read at the age of four); and I just didn’t “fit” in with my birth family. I always thought that if I planned for the worst thing to happen, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise when it did. But, the only thing this did was create a negative force field around me. I wasn’t magically protected when bad things happened. I was still surprised just like everyone else.

Now, as part of changing my life, I’ve decided to try a little positivity. No, it doesn’t always work, and I struggle with it every day. But, I have found that living like this, looking for the positive in my life is much more preferable to looking at the negative. Not only do I feel better, I find I’ve gotten more control over what I do and what happens to me. So if you were to ask me if I like to be as positive as I can, I’ll answer yes! Just try it, and be surprised.


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