Changing Your Routines

Like most people, I can get caught in ruts. Whether it’s how I clean or organize (or not), or what I do for a work-out, everything can become fairly routine. The downside to this is that routine can become extremely boring. So, in the interest of switching it up, I swapped out my walking with Denise (Austin) DVDs to Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo. The first time that I tried Tae Bo it was a VHS video that I followed, and boy did I get my a** kicked. It was so hard that over the years I’ve gone back and forth between Denise Austin and Billy Blanks.

I recently realized that with the wonders of YouTube there are lots of Tae Bo work-outs to try. Some of these are not the complete work-out (I don’t know if that is due to copyright infringement or not), but I have managed to find some that are complete. I started one on Tuesday, and of course like everything else, there is a learning curve. My first work-out found me marching a little while everyone in the work-out was doing something – I couldn’t follow what, at top speed looking a little bit like Roadrunner. Thursday found me more able to follow, and I only had to march along looking like Elmer Fudd trying to run once or twice. However, I must say that second try was much better than the first. So it goes. Learning something new can be quite difficult and leave you feeling like a failure. But, if I’ve learned anything so far, we have to keep pushing ourselves, whether it’s learning a new skill, or thinking new thoughts.


If you don’t try new things and only keep to your old routines, the boredom of it all can kill your enthusiasm for life. Follow your curiosity; try new exercises, it might kick your butt for a while, but you’ll be better off for it!


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