The Mind is Everything

I wanted to reflect on this quote today since I haven’t been meeting all my goals lately. At first I thought that maybe I had too many goals, but then I realized that really wasn’t the problem. The problem has been my living arrangements. I have various negative people in my life that I simply cannot just ignore. I have to live with them. I try all kinds of ways to negate their negativity (quite the phrase!), but this only seems to work to a certain extent. I have also found that what they think about me and what I do seems to matter too much. This is something that I’ve been working on, but it has been hard going. Then, there is also the non-stop snow and cold weather that we’ve been having, and I’ve gotten quite a case of cabin fever.

Now, I realize that this seems to be a lot of excuses, and maybe it is, however, like the quote says, what you think is what you become. So I’ve decided to try and become more conscious of what it is that I’m thinking about, and change it from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. I’m aware that this can be quite difficult, but I will be reading affirmations first thing every morning in an effort to change my thinking, and then my behavior.  But what I’m really interested in is what do you do to add positive thoughts to your lives?  Let me know!


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