Maleficent and True Love

**Spoiler Alert** – If you haven’t watched this movie and want to, don’t continue reading!

Okay, now that I said that, and know that I won’t ruin anything for those who haven’t seen this movie, I’m going to get on with it. As a concept, true love is “supposed” to be between you and your love.

Well, in this movie I feel that true love is shown to be exactly what it is. At the beginning of the movie Maleficent is given a kiss, which Stefan calls “true love”. Years afterward he drugs Maleficent and cuts off her wings in order to gain the kingdom. Later, as everyone knows, when a baby girl is born to King Stefan and his Queen, Maleficent gives the gift of eternal sleep to Princess Aurora; a sleep that she can only be awakened from by “true love’s kiss”. Of course, as Maleficent believes, there is no such thing as “true love’s kiss”. Therefore, King Stefan by his own acts has consigned his daughter to sleep forever.

King Stefan sends Aurora away to live with the three fairies who, if not for the care that Maleficent shows to baby Aurora, she would have died. (As an aside, these three fairies would be the last people to act as mothers to any baby.) As Aurora grows, she spends more time in the fairy forest with Maleficent, who she believes to be her Fairy Godmother, as she can remember all the times that Maleficent saved her from the neglect of the three fairies. Of course, a relationship has developed between the two, and at some point we come to understand without a doubt that the “bad fairy” loves Aurora as a mother; although Maleficent continues to call Aurora “Beastie” (which I personally found to be quite funny).

As with all things, Aurora’s birthday comes, and she runs off to the palace where the magic Maleficent wrought begins to work, and Aurora pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep. Maleficent tries to undo the magic, but her curse was such that no magic could reverse the spell. Naturally, there is a prince, but his kiss will not awaken the princess, since, as we all know there is really no such thing as “true love’s kiss”. But then, when all is practically lost, Maleficent sits at her bedside and kisses Aurora. Poof! The spell is broken.

I must say that I loved this! For one thing, Maleficent is shown to be the abused individual, and not the “evil” fairy from the tale we all know. For another reason, the actual take-away is the nature of “true love”. If the love of a mother (or pseudo mother-figure), isn’t “true love” what is? A mother, who truly loves her child, for the simple fact of being her child (in whatever manner), no matter what or who that child is, exhibits “true love”. To purely love someone regardless of whatever that person can do for you, I feel is true love. When our children are given to us, who among us puts caveats on their love? Other love tends to have certain caveats on it. We expect our spouses to “make” us happy; or treat us in a certain way. Only in our pure love for our children can we come close to a “true love’s kiss”.


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