What’s Your Focus?

I get LifeHack Daily in my in-box every day. Usually there is at least one article in there that I find applicable to my life. Anyway, I wanted to share an interesting idea with you today from the great Tony Robbins. What you focus on is where your energy goes. So, if I focus on how difficult something is, or how I just can’t do something because it’s too hard, or time consuming, that’s where my energy is going to go. Not to actually doing that thing.

What a simple idea, but one that has been affecting me negatively lately. I had a goal every week this year, of writing for one hour daily. However, this is one goal that I haven’t met on a daily basis. Why? I’ve always wanted to write, but now that I’ve given myself “permission” to write, I find that I’m focused on doing it right. Is there even a wrong way to write? I find that I get fixated on finding the perfect pen or pencil to write with; then, the proper piece of paper. Good god if I want to write in a notebook – then the problem becomes which notebook to write in. I can’t write in this one or that one, since those notebooks are too good for whatever drivel I’ll write in there. So, you can see my problem. I’m focused only on the mechanics of the thing, and not the thing itself.

Once I started thinking about that, I realized that this misdirection of focus basically affects my whole life. I don’t like something that someone else does, and instead of focusing on myself, or what I want to do, I think about this thing that I can’t control instead. What a great way to not get anything I want to get done, done.

Is this something that we all do? Is this just a way for me to get in my own way, and not follow through on my heart’s desire? What am I getting from it? Since I can effectively keep myself from writing, is this just a ploy to make sure that I can’t fail? After all, you can’t fail, if you don’t try. And, would failure ruin my life? How many times have I failed at something? Well, that would probably take a long time to figure out. Failure is a much more probable result to doing something new than success is. For example, the first time I picked up my flute and played that was a resounding failure. But, I didn’t stop. Nerdy me thought that being in band would be “cool”, so I kept on practicing and eventually was first chair. So, a success that started as a failure.

So, now that I understand what’s stopping me, I need to re-focus and send my energy into accomplishing my goals. What about you?


5 thoughts on “What’s Your Focus?

  1. Another thing… people shouldn’t beat themselves up about not achieving their goals! e.g. Just because you (maybe) didn’t write for an hour yesterday (not today as I’m sure this article took you an hour and it’s STILL writing)! it doesn’t mean that the goal is pointless and can’t be followed! Just the fact that people realise that goals are flexible and realise sometimes changes need to be made (e.g. instead of an hour a day, three hours writing a week) can make all the more difference of getting there in the end! 🙂 My goal this year was to start a blog! Woohoo! Next goal…

  2. Everything you say is so applicable. Yes, I keep having to adjust my steps to meet my goals, because the whole thing is a process. I just need to focus on what I can change, and not the things that I can’t. My issue. I find myself putting my focus on the wrong things. Hopefully by writing the post I will help myself and others at the same time. BTW you’ve already fulfilled one goal this year! Yay you!! 🙂

  3. I’m a consummate dabbler, jack of many trades, master of none. I never focus on one thing for very long. Once I figured out that it was me, that this is how my brain operates best, I learned to go with the flow. I’m constantly interrupted by life and those interruptions used to undo me. I’ve learned to adapt and adjust. Some mornings, I only get a half hour of writing. Sometimes I am scribbling notes during the kid’s basketball practice.

    The simple fact is, if we want something bad enough, we make time for it. And if we don’t, then we need to ask the question, “what is it that we really want?” Some days I want to be an excellent parent and on others, I just want to write. I don’t expect everything out of every day and that somehow takes the pressure off, so I’m not in constant self-berating mode.

    PS – I play the flute, too!

    • Oh boy, do you and I sound alike. I also am a jack of all trades, master of none! It just means that we need to go with the flow. Although my problem with writing is that’s what I want to do. So, I’ve got to make it my first priority every morning – forget about cleaning first…I’m going to write for my hour first. Right after breakfast and before the dishes. The number one priority. Flutes Rule! 🙂

  4. Earth Whisperer Conservation

    True and probably cannot be repeated enough. Thank you for the reminder!

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