The Blizzard of 2015

Ah, a Nor’easter! How can I explain it? Luckily I had the foresight to buy another bag of birdseed and the birds are sitting all over the front porch – the railings, the floor, the steps and the bird-feeders. They’re even perching on my bucket of sand for the driveway and my log pile for the fire. So many of them. I’m afraid I’m the only one in the neighborhood who feeds them. I’ll have to go out again and replace my bag once I can get out and about, as I’m sure they’ll eat the whole 20 pound bag in just a few days.

Every time that the weather forecasters say the word “snow”, the people in my state go crazy. Yesterday when I arrived at the grocery store at 6 am to do my usual weekly shopping one day early due to the impending weather, the place was packed. And, so many items weren’t there! Empty shelves all over the place. No lettuce! No tomatoes! No peppers! No bread and milk, which of course I had figured on, but the lettuce? Usually there is always lettuce. No worries though. I simply got a few bags of spinach. There was one lonely half gallon of Almond Milk which I nabbed, and I already had most of a loaf of bread in the refrigerator at home. So, everything was cool.  I also took a ride to the most important pre-storm location on Monday; the local library. I had to get more books to see me through a possible electricity outage. Can’t do without those books!

I had already made my plans for the impending doom this past weekend. We hauled wood onto the porch and into the wood closet in the cellar. Then, I made sure we had lots of water in my emergency bottles, since if we lose electricity we lose our well. Of course we’ve got plenty of peanut butter and jelly; not to mention the piles of bananas and other fruit we always have. So, what else is there to do? Why all the insane behavior? People run around like Chicken Little whenever there is a storm predicted.

I know why, of course. First there was a wild storm in August one year (not too long ago) and we lost power for 6 days. Then there was that freak snow-storm in October and we lost power for over a week. People remember. Then, there was another storm when people in the more “wealthy” part of the state lost their power for over a week. What a hullabaloo that was.  Since then, we’ve been lucky and as far as I know the electric company is responding much more quickly now.  I think as of now we’ve gotten over 18 inches of that fluffy white stuff (going on 2 feet!).  So, that’s it, we just need to hunker down and read our books. No, as I’ve still got electricity, I’ve got to keep working on that organizing project I’ve got going on. Oh yes, I’ll just get on that!  How exciting!  No, now that I’ve uncovered one car and two trucks, I think that hot chocolate is the order of the day!


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