Cheese, Is it Good for You?

I read the most insane article that was all about why you should keep eating cheese. Not one reason had to do with any health benefit of eating cheese.

So, being me, I decided to see if I could find any health benefits to eating cheese, since so many people eat cheese so much. Some people I know even eat it at every meal every day. Once people find out that I’m vegan, one of the first things they say to me is that they can’t imagine not eating cheese ever again. That being said, I did find some interesting facts at

Cheese is Made from Milk

Berkeley Wellness started off the article saying that most people eat way too much cheese, although cheese does have calcium, protein and some vitamins and minerals. Some studies done by the National Dairy Council claimed that cheese helps with weight loss, but those studies were found untrue by studies conducted by Johns Hopkins. In fact the Johns Hopkins studies found that people who ate a lot of cheese had weight problems. Other studies found a link between cheese intake and cancer; but at the same time there were studies that found no link. So, what to do?

Cheese seems to play an important part of the American diet. People love to add it to dishes, and I must admit that before I was vegan I also ate cheese. It tastes good, and it can add a lot of flavor to your meal. However, in this scientific report the consensus was that the problem is the amount of protein. We all know that cheese has a ton of protein. And it seems that the amount of protein is what causes cancer to advance.

As a former cheese eater, what do I do? Well, I could have the fake cheese, but I’ve already said that I haven’t had any processed foods since April. At first I thought that I’d miss cheese. But have you looked into how cheese comes about? I suggest that if you don’t know check out Follow the links there and also look into what the Dairy Industry doesn’t want you to know. Before checking these links out, make sure that you’re ready to know where your food comes from, since the facts and pictures are rather disturbing.

So, since I don’t eat cheese I rely on other things to make my taste buds happy. I’m a believer in Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Cumin and many other herbs and spices. I can’t say enough about garlic – how much better veggies taste with a little (or a lot) of garlic on them! So all I’m asking is that you educate yourself about how your food is “made” and where it comes from. And, take it easy on the cheese – you just might save your own life.


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