One Step in Front of the Other

To keep on with my “theme” of the week, I thought that I’d talk about overcoming adversity. Obviously the word adversity covers a lot of ground, and what one person sees as a problem to overcome, someone else can may think is negligible. That being said, each one of us usually has something that we want to overcome, solve or work through. So, I thought I’d get some uplifting quotes to help us all on our way.

As we go about our daily lives, we need to remind ourselves that live is a journey, and living is a process. We are all in the process of changing.  Let’s just try to do that in a positive way.  Help others because that is how you will help yourself.


4 thoughts on “One Step in Front of the Other

  1. I feel as though if we DON’t have challenges we can never become our full self! At least that is what I keep telling myself!

  2. I love the lion, and the quote is perfect. Good luck!

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