The Cost of Being Vegan

My husband told me the other day that he read somewhere, he couldn’t remember where, that the vegan diet was the most expensive one there is. This statement really had me scratching my head in confusion. So, I looked into it. I went onto the Internet (where else?) and found that every place that I searched was talking about prepared vegan food. Oh, well, of course that would be more expensive. All kinds of prepared foods are more expensive. He was talking about the fake cheese and meat options.

When I decided to go on this diet (or lifestyle as I prefer), I also decided that I wouldn’t eat prepared foods. I wanted to eat fresh foods, and not rely on places like Whole Foods to shop at, mainly because we don’t have one in the area. Granted, some ingredients in more than a few recipes that I’ve come across I wouldn’t be able to find in my local Stop and Shop. So, either I don’t make that recipe, or I change out the more expensive ingredient with a less expensive one. So far, I’ve only shopped at the local grocery store and have been able to spend far less than I would have when I was a vegetarian. Why? Because I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any of the prepared foods. Oh sure, veggie crumbles were great for a faster meal, but the ones that I get locally aren’t vegan. So, no more crumbles. No more “easy” food. But, really, when I don’t want to cook all I do is add peppers, artichokes and chick peas to a salad, have a baked potato spiced with pepper and sage and viola! Easy, fast meal.

To save even more money, I buy beans in bags. Yup they are so much cheaper that way. I also keep canned beans around, just in case I don’t have the time to soak the dried ones. But seriously, beans are pretty cheap no matter how you buy them. And, let’s talk about the wonderful, gorgeous banana! I buy them in bunches and bunches. They are so cheap. And who doesn’t love a banana smoothie? Or, how about banana ice cream – or nice cream as we call it in our family. Great stuff! The varieties are endless, since you can add all different fruits and extracts to each batch.

So, in the end, my vegan lifestyle hasn’t broken the bank, and I’ve found some really great new foods. A win-win in my book!


3 thoughts on “The Cost of Being Vegan

  1. I can’t eat beans, they make me toot. 🙂 But I do like potatoes.

  2. Win-win’s are great. It may cost an extra penny but the return is many fold!

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