Reflecting on Changing My Life

When I began this blog back in June, I was tired of who I was and how I was living. I needed to make a change to stop the depressed feelings and how I saw myself and my life. So these six months into my change, I was thinking about what I’ve done that is positive in my life, and what I need to work on in the coming New Year.

When I look back, the biggest change is that I became Vegan. I had been Vegetarian for years, but I finally made the big change. While on my way to changing my lifestyle, since I really don’t think of it as a “diet”, I was full of all the usual doubts. What will I eat when I go out was one of the biggest things that I blew up in my head. It turned out that I really didn’t have to worry about that one at all. I’ve since realized that if a restaurant doesn’t have a vegan option, you can usually request a dish without the cheese, and it’s been no problem anywhere I’ve gone. (Not that I eat out a lot.)

The biggest surprise in this change of mine is that there are people who feel it is their obligation to judge you. I’ll be in line at the store, and the person behind me, or cashier, will comment on the amount of fruits and vegetables I have in my cart. The usual question I get asked over and over again is where I get my protein from. I’ll address this issue in another blog after the New Year. My response to the people who question me is that they should eat more fruits and vegetables themselves, and find out more about the benefits of doing this. I try hard not to let the comments (and sometimes the comments can be fairly nasty) get to me. This change has been one with a learning curve, since I’ve had to find new recipes to try. I’ve actually found that I really like to eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables and haven’t missed the occasional egg or cheese. I had already stopped drinking milk, and I love Almond Milk. I use it as a substitute in recipes that call for milk. So, that is one good change that I’ve made and kept. And, the one that I’m proudest of.

I’ve found that my biggest issue has been my fitness goal. And that is one of the problems that I need to work on in the coming year. But, again, look at the positive changes you’ve made and make small goals that are achievable so that you can reach your larger goal. I’ll be working on my large goal list this week. I’ve got them pretty much down, and now I’m in the process of breaking them down into weekly and monthly steps. From the work I’ve done this year, I hope to continue achieving my goals for next year. One of the most important things I learned this year is if you don’t break your goals into small steps you can accomplish, all the resolutions in the world won’t help you achieve your goal. So, that’s what I’ll be up to this week. How do you plan on achieving your resolutions?


4 thoughts on “Reflecting on Changing My Life

  1. Sound observations and reflections! Here’s to your continued personal growth in 2015!

  2. I’m still on a vegan bender (since August), but wow, did I learn how easy it was to be a junk food vegan! I’ve strayed from healthy cooking, so if I were to have any resolution at all, it would be to get back on that path. I didn’t have to deal with too much judgment, except from a relative who I don’t like anyway. She referred to my “dietary restrictions” in front of everyone and I had to laugh. If anything, going vegan opened up a whole range of foods I’d never eaten before.

    I wish you great success in 2015!

    • Thank you. My only junk food is potato chips and for some reason they make me feel sick to my stomach. So, you would like that I’d be able to stop eating them with no problem! But no…so they go in 2015. Good luck to you during the new year! 🙂

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