After Christmas Blues

Why are there after-Christmas blues? Is it just the materialism of Christmas that bothers so many people, or is it the let-down after all the excitement of Christmas? My feeling is that now that Christmas is over with, we still have the whole winter to get through before the relief of spring finally appearing. This year I was afraid that I would get the blues, but instead I awoke this morning with big plans.

Yep, “Big Plans” and a sense of relief. Yes, the cooking, baking, gift-giving is over with, and now I am free at last! Free to do what, you wonder? Free to make all those resolutions for the New Year! Never mind that most of them don’t get accomplished, I’m now free to sit down with my brand new blank notebooks, and fill them up with all the new ideas that my St. John’s Wort brain has once again (for the first time in quite a while) finally come up with. I don’t want to waste this opportunity and do nothing. On the contrary, I feel that this is the time.

So with those happy, excited feelings, I will spend most of my day planning. Not only making resolutions (that’s just the easy part), but also making goals, breaking those goals down into easily doable bit-sized pieces. I’ll let you know how it goes. And, what are you plans for New Year’s resolutions and goals?


2 thoughts on “After Christmas Blues

  1. I’m always a little glad to get Christmas over with. And like you, I tend to get excited about the New Year … not resolutions, but just goals and things I can look forward to!

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