The Spirit of the Season

Every year Christmas seems to sneak up on me. It’s like I lose the ability to understand that it’s on December 25th. I keep thinking that I have so much more time than I do. Somehow it’s the 15th, and I still think that I’ve got the entire month of December to prepare. Apparently every December I tend to think that the month is twice as long as it is, and not only that, there are 2 of every day.  Yes, I am a crazy person.

So, today I took a trip out to the stores early this morning, and realized that everyone is basically getting money and/or gift cards, and they won’t have any gifts to unwrap. I do have the stocking stuff done; but this will be an interesting Christmas. I’m giving my husband a gift-card; my son wants Dental Insurance and my daughter needs money. Other than the stocking stuffers there will be almost no gifts to open. I did pick my husband up something to open. But other than that there will be only a few gifts under the tree.

Now that my kids are grown, I just don’t feel excited about Christmas anymore. I used to plan it like the invasion of Normandy. I started buying some gifts over the summer, but by November 1st I had a whole agenda. The gifts, the food, the cards, etc. It was crazy. But I knew exactly what I had to do and when it needed to be done by. Now I just fly by the seat of my pants.

And, I think that’s just part of my problem. I’m not organized and I feel lost in the season. Anyway, I’ve decided this is the last year I’m going to let this happen. I’ve got to go back to my old planning guide and get this under control. It’s taking away the peace and joy of the holiday season, and I’m tired of feeling like the Grinch!


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