Affirmations for a Cold Monday

I think this is the perfect quote, especially for a Monday morning.  I am guilty of this….if only…and when I (add in anything – weigh less, am more fit, am happier, etc.) I’ll do this or that.  But not now; I don’t “deserve” such and such now…  How many people live life like this?  I need new underclothes – the ones I have are shredded beyond recognition.  They don’t even look like what they’re supposed to be.  But, for months now I keep saying “no, I’ll buy new ones when I loose a few more pounds.”  Meanwhile, if I ever got into an accident, the ER doctors and nurses would probably be disturbed by the state of my underthings!  (Is that “old wives tale” even true? and who wants to find out?)

We do deserve a good life.  And until we truly believe it, here are some more reminders.

I actually have this affirmation in my purse, and I try to read it at least once a day.  It’s a good one to read and re-read for those of us who feel that we must be “perfect”.


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