Why Can’t We Just Respect Each Other?

I just watched the news clip regarding the Neo-Nazi Rally in Rockwall, Texas. At the same time that the white supremacists were having their rally, other groups were having a counter-protest. These groups included: Anonymous North Texas, the New Black Panthers, Occupy Dallas and Open Carry Texas. Quite the mix. When I started this blog, I really didn’t think that I’d say anything political. This wasn’t the reason I began writing this. I wanted to share my transformation with others, and find other people who were positive and trying to live in a peaceful way. But sometimes you just run across something that is just too crazy and you need to say something.

Now, I realize that everyone has their right to speak, but seriously? I need to ask the age-old question: “Why can’t we just get along?” At this rally the Neo-Nazi speakers were claiming that half the people counter-protesting were illegal immigrants. Did they know that, or did they just jump to that conclusion?  There were people interviewed who just couldn’t understand why this rally was happening. One woman said that she’d lived in Rockwall all her life and what was being said at the rally didn’t jibe with how her town was. She seemed extremely upset about the whole thing.

I have never understood the whole “us” against “them” thing. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but it never made any sense. We’re all the same. As Shylock stated in the Merchant of Venice, “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die?” In other words, are we not all the same?

To me, a person is a person is a person. We all carry the same blood in our veins, we all need the same things: love, shelter, food. Where is the respect we owe each other?

As I try to transform my life, I long to see other peoples’ lives transform for the better. The homeless a house, the cold some heat, the poor the ability to earn enough to live and the war-torn some peace. I wonder how much better all our lives would be if we just respected each other.


4 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Just Respect Each Other?

  1. When people (as in EVERYONE, o exceptions) started respecting each other it only means one thing-end of the world. Because we only repent when we know we’re about to die. (Okay, wait, that’s not helpful) 😀

  2. It’s hard not to catch some of these stories and not feel downhearted. I will always believe that the world we want to live in starts with us. Our own prejudices and beliefs deserve intense scrutiny and challenge. It’s a tougher road than asking why we can’t just all get along, but one worth traveling.

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