How I Want to Be Versus How I Am

This blog is about transformation. The interesting thing about change is that it’s so hard. We fight it and ourselves at every turn. As I talked about before, there are reasons why we do so…our brains are used to our lifestyles and don’t want to change; therefore we sabotage ourselves every chance we can. This is how I want to be:

I want to be strong and fit but without the crazy.

This is what I tend to be:

So, the hard work of getting from point A to point B sets in, and it’s HARD! It’s hard to change your attitude and your lifestyle. I’m on my way, becoming Vegan, walking every day, but I need to change more than that. There is also the problem that I’m somewhat of a push-over, and end up doing things that I really think are a waste of my time and I don’t want to do them. I often feel bullied into things that I either don’t feel comfortable doing, resent doing, or really hate doing.

I took up the NaNoWriMo challenge (I haven’t done anything for it, either) and this week I’ve decided that I’ll make writing my “job”; two hours every day, scheduled into my day for doing nothing but writing. This is my goal for this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.  Meanwhile, here I am again.


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