Happy Halloween

Today is that fabulously fun holiday where children and adults everywhere get dressed up and pretend to be someone they’re not. When I was a child we never bought our costumes, we just made them with “found” articles. I was a Hobo more than once. Another easy costume was Huckleberry Finn. When I got older my favorite was to go as a gypsy.

Once I hit college age, I understood that to be “sexy” was the normal thing to do, and so freshman year I went as the center part of an Oreo cookie with my roommate and her best friend. Believe me, the white leotard and tights were indeed sexy. The next year I was a black cat, and I don’t think I have to say much about that. My favorite costume was my Elvira one. I can’t believe that Cassandra Peterson is still dressing up as the Mistress of the Dark. Good for her, and she looks great!

The history of Halloween (or All Hallows Eve) is a pretty interesting one. It originated as the Celtic festival Samhain when the dead could walk. It’s also known as the Norse Wild Hunt where the dead would hunt and the living stayed indoors so that they wouldn’t be “caught” by the hunt. Of course the Halloween that we celebrate now has little in common with Samhain or the Wild Hunt. Ours is much tamer.

Get dressed up and enjoy your Spooky Halloween Night!


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