My Wonderful World

Sometimes I live in my own little world. This is a magical place where one day soon, I will look out my window and see a unicorn in my back yard. When I wake up in the morning, a pastel-colored rooster hops up on my bed and sings good morning to me in French. His name is Pierre and he thinks he’s the reincarnation of Elvis. As you can see, my little world is a great place. The sky is usually pink and blue with white puffy clouds floating by. It only rains during the night, and the flowers bloom all year long. The temperature is always only between 55 and 75 degrees. Everyone there gets along; there is no anger or sorrow.  But, the best part of all is that my pets can talk.

Now, before you think I need to be hospitalized, I do know that this only exists in my head, and it’s not real – or is it?  The oddest thing that’s really happened to me is that once while my daughter and I were in the car, a shadow passed overhead and I pulled over, and proceeded to start to get out. When my daughter asked me what I was doing, I told her that I had been going to get out, find my bow and arrows and shoot the dragon. True story. I had been playing Skyrim on my Xbox for too many days in a row.

Each person’s reality is different from everyone else’s; just like we all see the same colors differently. Isn’t that an amazing fact? Think of the endless realities all around us. The world is bigger than we can imagine. What a great thought.


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