Embarrassing Behavior

     This is an embarrassing confession. On Saturday I couldn’t get onto AOL which is my main email account. What happened was that a new company took over our internet service and some of the servers were down. I could get on WordPress and YouTube, but not AOL. This was completely disturbing since I drink my morning coffee while reading email and most importantly, my daily tarot card reading. You would think from that sentence that I am completely superstitious, but I’m really not. It’s just my daily habit. Really, I swear.

      So, in retrospect I feel like a fool. I was upset and snarky until I called tech support and he helped us with a new DNS number. But, my first thoughts were: what a first world problem that was; and, secondly, how embarrassing, too. My day was not “right” until I was able to check my email. Really – that was a valid issue? Seriously, what just happened?
Was it that my morning habit was messed up? Or was something else going on. And, if it was just that my habit of reading mail while drinking coffee was interfered with, why don’t I have the same distressing bad mood when I miss my morning work-out?

Now that I’ve thought about it, I do have the same reaction to missing my work out. I am cranky and out of sorts when I don’t follow my daily habits. When it comes down to it, what creatures of habit we are. Both good and bad habits, too. So, here I am with egg on my face, once again. I’m hoping to become a much more gracious and forgiving person. After all, we’re all a work in progress.


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