Binge Watching on Netflix

     Well, it seems that I’m binge-watching once again. About 10 months ago, I watched all the Ally McBeal episodes in about a month. Then I stopped. I had some great books to read, and didn’t want to “go there” again. But then I stumbled upon Revenge and am back at it. I looked into this behavior (after all, staying up until 1 or 2 am a few days in a row can really get to you) so I just had to figure out just what was going on.

First of all, I found out that I really had some good company. It seems that this is considered “normal” behavior. A lot of people do this, watching as many as six episodes in a row. Yes, I have done that, hello 3am on a Sunday morning.

So, what is it that gets us so? Well it seems to be the character development that reels us in. We get to understand the characters, know their motivations, etc. A down side? Well, like all tv watching, it really isn’t that good for us. I’ve actually sat for about 4 hours in a row, which usually never happens unless I’m binge watching. Even when in the middle of a great book, I do tend to walk around at some point. But, I’ve been couch potato-ing it a bit. Not good, and I do I do I do, need my sleep.
So, I do plan to stop – of course I do….when I get to the end of Season 3; which is all Netflix has.


3 thoughts on “Binge Watching on Netflix

  1. It’s addicting… 🙂

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