My daughter is working on a degree for psychology.  She is also watching leadership videos.  So, she told me about Dr. Linda Papadopoulos.    I listened to a podcast that she did regarding motivation for exercise. I really thought that what she had to say was interesting and important for those of us who may be experiencing a lack of motivation.

     Her first point was to not expect your exercise to work immediately. This is true because how many times have I worked out once or twice, gotten on the scale and discovered that I haven’t lost any weight. Even though I know that it won’t happen that quickly, I still get hooked into just checking within two or three days, and then feel my motivation simply ebb away. So, hopefully being told NOT to weigh myself by a psychologist will help me stop doing it.

She also said to look at your time management skills, and decide what time of day is best for you to exercise. I’ve already done this, and my best time is right when I wake up. That way I’ve done it, and can’t come up with any excuses not to do it later.

Another point is to value exercise for you. Do this as something special just for you; that you are important enough to take the time to do it for yourself. Again, this can be a problem if you don’t ever do anything for yourself. However, if this isn’t important enough, you’ve got a problem that really needs looking at. You really need to decide if your health, which has the biggest impact on the rest of your life is important enough to improve or not. I hope that you decide it is.

     Dr. Linda Papadopoulos also talks about how if you can get over the hurdle of the first two or three weeks, your exercise can become a routine. Once you manage this, it becomes much easier to continue with the new routine.  She also talks about rewarding yourself in some way for staying on track. Just don’t reward with food! Silly, because it’s just so obvious, but watch out for that one, since we’re always trying to trip ourselves up in various ways.

     And, her final observation is that if you can exercise with a friend, do so. It helps when you’ve got someone else to be accountable to. I hope that you’ve found this helpful.  Let me know.


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