I try really really hard to be nice.  When I go to the store I try to have a kind word to say to the cashier, or the guy stocking the shelves, or especially the guy who sweeps and washes the floors.  In my life I’ve done the truly crappy jobs.  You know, the ones where you clean the toilets; wash the floors; and wash the dirty bottoms of other people.  I try to give everyone I meet a smile.

     But, there are the people who no matter how you approach them, just seem to have a chip (or boulder) on their shoulder.  You probably have run into them, or maybe you’ve even been them at one time or another.  (I know I have!)  So, when I meet them, I just try to take a deep breath and compliment them.  The way their hair looks, some tattoo they may have, the color of their shirt or pants, but something.  If someone is that  prickly, they need for me to be even more friendly and kind, even though I may not want to make the effort.

     So, let’s all be kind to one-another.  You never know what kind of a change it will make in the world.


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