Car Rides and Quabbin Reservoir

At least twice a month during the Spring, Summer and Fall, my husband and usually our daughter go for a car ride in our Firebird.   On Sunday, we went to Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts.  It’s a beautiful place with lots of hiking trails, and places to pull over for the views of the water.  It’s so nice to be able to get away from the house even for just a mini trip.  Years ago B.C. (Before Children) my husband and I would go for a two week camping trip on our Honda Gold Wing every summer.  We even had a little trailer my husband had built to carry all our camping equipment in (the tent, sleeping bags, cooler with food, grill and tarps, etc.).  The side bags held our clothing.  The looks we got when we pulled into a camp ground were just incredulous!  By the end of the two weeks it took us less than 15 minutes to set-up our camp site.  What fun that was!  Since we don’t do that anymore, our mini day-trips are our way taking a break.

    Quabbin Reservoir is a place to behold.  It is just so gorgeous with trees stretching out in all directions from whatever view you look.  The water itself is 39 square miles, and 18 miles long with 181 miles of shoreline.  The water is the most beautiful blue, and so clear, since no one is allowed in it because it’s a public reservoir.

     We’ve been there before, but this time we discovered the Quabbin Tower.  Look how cool it is!

     We had a wonderful day, surrounded by beauty.  What a great end to the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Car Rides and Quabbin Reservoir

  1. Wow a Firebird! It looks like such a beautiful place, I can understand why you visit there
    Thank you very much for following and opening the door to your world! Eddie

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