Banana Date Chocolate Smoothie

     For a while now, I’ve been craving chocolate.  Since I’m Vegan, and I love milk chocolate, I haven’t had any for about four months now.  I actually think that’s been the longest that I’ve gone without chocolate since I was a kid and we were only allowed chocolate at Halloween and Easter.  So, I came up with a Banana Date Chocolate Smoothie.  Here it is:

     I used four bananas, eight dates, which I cut up to be easier on my extremely old, but still workable blender, a generous tablespoon of coconut sugar, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of cocoa powder (most cocoa powder is vegan), a splash of vanilla extract and four cups of water. 

     It was delicious, and ended my chocolate craving!  Yum!



2 thoughts on “Banana Date Chocolate Smoothie

  1. Oh wow your vegan-friendly banana date chocolate smoothie looks yummy & filling!

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