A Good Deed…

      I’ve said before that I work with the elderly. One of my clients has been very sick for about two weeks. She had gone to the ER over the weekend (Sunday, Aug. 24), but was sent home. Last Monday I took her to her doctor (as per the ER doctor); and he prescribed medication for her, while promising to have the hospital call her to tell her when further tests had been scheduled. The hospital never called and neither did  her doctor.  Her daughter didn’t seem worried on Thursday when her mother (my client) hadn’t been able to keep anything down all week. When I left her house on Friday afternoon I called my office (like I was required to do if I had worries about her health) to let them know what was going on.

The office called her son, and he got her daughter to take her (my client) to the ER. Apparently she was so sick that she was kept at the hospital until today. The Social Worker at the hospital has accused her family of elder neglect; but my client “never wants to see me again”. So, for doing my job and taking the appropriate action, as far as this client is concerned, I am the bad guy. My office and the Social Worker agree that I did exactly what was required and no one else is upset with me. Just my client and her family, because I got her the medical care her own family refused to get her. A good deed never goes unpunished.  But, I know that I did the right thing.




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