The Slow Life

     When my kids were young, our neighbors couldn’t understand why our son didn’t join soccer. They spent every weekend, from 8 to 4, with both their sons all year having soccer events. It was indoor soccer in the winter and outside soccer in the summer. Other parents couldn’t understand why our son only did Taekwondo and Boy Scouts, and our daughter only did Brownies and Horse-back Lessons.

     But, when I first got pregnant, I didn’t want to be one of those parents who spent their children’s childhood in an SUV driving them from one activity to another. That wasn’t why I became a parent. I wanted family-time. So, we were part of the small minority who ate dinner, which the kids helped make, together every night. We still do eat together as a family most nights.

      My daughter and I watched a Ted Talks: the other day, and Carl Honoré was talking about the Slow Movement. I’d heard of the Slow Food Movement before, which I think is great. Because I stayed home with our children, I always cooked slow food. We couldn’t afford prepared food, which turned out to be a blessing, as I now know that the additives are bad for you. But a Slow Life Movement? This is something I must have joined without even knowing about it. Give me days when you can put a blanket out on the lawn, under the trees, and make cloud pictures with or without the kids. Or, how about those family game nights when you play Monopoly for hours? Or spend an evening reading Laura Ingalls Wilder to your kids? 

     Ah, a Slow Life – I’m on board. Who wants to join me?


4 thoughts on “The Slow Life

  1. I’m right with you there…a hard transition to make though.

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