School Starting, Endings, Goals and Hopes


      The girls I babysit for have left. They started back to school today. Even though most people make New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st, I make some at this time of year also. After a summer of doing most things on someone else’s schedule, now it’s time to do them on mine. With the hope of autumn in the air, I want to make some resolutions now.

      On the home-front, I need to start Fall Cleaning. Those windows are dirty after a long summer of heat, humidity and rain. The dust has accumulated to the point of almost no return, and the detritus of everyday life is threatening to create an avalanche of gigantic proportions.  I’ve discovered a YouTube organization lady that I’ve found helpful. Here is her link:  – She’s got great ideas that don’t cost too much.

    Lack of organization in my life is a real issue that I’d like to finally confront and overcome.  Think Xena outwitting Ares, if you will.  However, the problem with keep things organized is that just like Ares, the paperwork keeps coming back!


     So, right now those cleaning, prioritizing and organizing things are the most important on my schedule.  Until I get them under control.  After that, I’ve got to get into the more creative side of life.  Creativity is much more fun then organization and cleaning, which is why I need to do those first!



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