Excuses are insidious little buggers. You can use them to justify almost anything. It’s something we all do, almost as if we can’t help ourselves. Today is an example. I hopped out of bed when my alarm went off, reset it, and fell back to sleep.

    Okay, I missed a morning of exercise.  My excuse? I went to bed really, really late. I was too tired. Whose fault was that? The cats? The dogs? No, mine. All mine. I had my nose pressed into a book that was not going to run away if I didn’t finish it. And, even though I stayed awake way too long, I still didn’t finish it anyway. So, really what did I accomplish? Making myself feel badly because I didn’t work out.  Do I deserve to use an excuse?  Did I break a leg or arm?  No.  So, I’ll just pick myself up, dust myself off and get up tomorrow. 

     Really, my workout is only 4% of my day?  Of course once you look at it like that, we all should be able to do it.  So, here comes tomorrow…


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