Other People’s Negativity



I don’t know about anyone else, but there will be days when I’ll be bopping along in my happy little bubble, minding my own business and someone will come along and deliberately, with malice, pop my happy bubble. It seems like some people just can’t stand other people to be happy or content. Why not? What is it about someone else’s happiness that can bring out the worst in certain people? And, I swear that they get happy making you, the unsuspecting, unhappy.

      An article I found, http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/dealing-with-other-peoples-negativity.html, talked about this very issue. Please look it up if you find yourself going about your day, and you suddenly get bombarded with negativity. The only way I’ve been responding to this is to leave. Sometimes I simply hide in the bathroom until that negative person goes away. This doesn’t always work, so in the future I’ll try to work on myself. My own thoughts must get stronger, so that they sound louder in my mind then the negativity I hear from someone else.

      Please share how you respond to negativity from others.


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